Is your Neighborhood Association Website Responsive?

The Best Association Websites Utilize Responsive Design Practices.

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Why you need a website

Neighborhood Notices Designs Responsive Association Websites
There is no annoying App or mobile version of the site to download. That’s powerful stuff.

A responsively designed website is optimized to recognize and adapt to fit any device displaying it. Simply put the end-user or homeowner, is able to view your association website in it’s entirety everywhere and anywhere.  Have you ever pulled up a website on your mobile device only to be frustrated by the amount of “stretching and scrolling”  you need to do to view content? According to technology research firm Gartner, by 2014 more people will access websites with mobile phones than with desktop computers. Our premium sites are optimized to showcase your  content.  The site perfectly re-sizes itself to whatever device the person is using.  Hence content is formatted to be seen “responsively” allowing ALL of the site content to be accessed.  There is no annoying App or mobile version of the site  to download. That’s powerful stuff.


If your website is difficult to navigate on mobile phones, if images or pages don’t load, or if users have to scroll or zoom excessively to view content we have a fix for you.  The design team at Neighborhood Notices has implemented Flat UI Responsive design technology on our Premium Content sites.  Members increasingly want your association in their pocket. When they’re not at a desktop computer, they want to find and read what they need.

Ask Neighborhood Notices today for their insight on responsive design and the steps you can take to make your website mobile user-friendly.

Go ahead and test drive a site today. Chances are you are reading this post on a mobile device right now. Neighborhood Notices is a responsive mobile-tablet friendly designed site. Use the contact form and get started.


Michele Roperon