Homeowners Insurance Options

There are a number of different insurance polices for your home depending upon your type of ownership. Below you will find a list of policy types and a brief description of each. For a brief explanation of the coverage your Association Master Policy might carry (click here).  Please note that these coverages may not apply to your specific Association – they are meant as a guideline for you to understand the Master Policy Coverages. 

You may contact us for a specific Explanation of  Coverages that can be given to your insurance Agent. For more specific details click on the appropriate link or contact us directly to discuss your specific situation:

1.  If you own a condominium unit  a townhouse style unit or a single family style unit with building coverage being maintained by your Association, you will be required to purchase and  HO6 policy
click here) for more detail

2.  If you own a single family home or a townhouse where you are responsible for building coverage then you will be required to purchase an HO3 policy
(click here) for more details

3.  If you rent your home or condominium unit to others you may purchase a combo dwelling policy
(click here) for more details

4.  If you are a tenant and rent your home from others you may purchase a HO4 policy
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Find out today!

     As a homeowner under the Acri Management umbrella we will perform a free analysis of your current insurance policy.

Call our Acri Insurance Counselor, Lori Miller at 412-459-0111 extension 123.  She will perform a complete review of your needs and evaluate your present insurance coverage. She will make sure your current policy is matching up with your association’s insurance policy. Your current agent may not be aware of the particulars of your associations policy.  Make sure you are adequately protected. Call Lori or contact her today @ lori_miller@acrirlty.com