Every Community Needs a Website

Consider the fact that NeighborhoodNotices websites are designed to be mobile responsive, secured with HTPPS, and managed by the NeighborhoodNotices Web Team. We do all of the work, in real-time all of the time. With 24/7 availability, you can provide easy access to official HOA documents, send email blasts, and show off your community amenities and location.  The Acri web team works tirelessly to save you time, money, and effort for your community and board members. Here are some of the top 4 reasons to create a website for your community:

1. Communication

Websites bolster communication and show Board Transparency. That can mean many things, like making it easier for residents to access important documents, giving public notice about upcoming events. We offer many features that are pre-baked in to fulfill those needs.  Here are some practical ways to use a website for communication:

  • Post governing documents, meeting minutes, and financial reports.
  • Send email blasts about important announcements.
  • Share information about upcoming events.
  • Allow visitors to send messages through easy contact forms.
  • Display photos and details about community facilities and amenities.

Acri Saves you Time and Money2. Save time & costs

Because your site is functional around the clock, owners no longer need to manually request information from board members. With online placement of pertinent documents especially financials, minutes, governing documents many questions can be answered immediately. Expensive mass mailings can be replaced with email blasts and public calendar postings, a far more affordable alternative. Contact forms and electronic payments significantly reduce processing time.

Acri Sites Provide Unity3. Build stronger community relationships

Imagine more families at community events, more participation in open meetings, and friendlier neighbors that know each other better. Communities can experience increased engagement and involvement by making event information readily available, sending announcements via email, and posting community events so folks can readily see what is on tap.

Acri HOA Website Tools4. Security Tools

It's important to keep sensitive documents and private information secure. Messages are sent securely without revealing other participants. Each website has a password-protected "Members" page that stores community data. We do not store any PII information on the website, keeping your info safe at all times is our primary concern.

Customized Solutions are Available! Depending on the scope of work additional fees apply.


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